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Asset Protection


Protecting your hard earned assets from creditors is not just for the super-rich.  With more and more wealth tied up in real estate, businesses and bank accounts, asset protection is important and makes good sense for anybody with significant assets. I can help you navigate the myriad of "legal" and "tax neutral" options available to you.

Asset Protection Trilogy

In developing a strong asset protection strategy, its important to recognize that a good plan has three components:

Risk Avoidance and Management - The most basic form of asset protection is to avoid liability in the first place. By having good contracts and agreements with people and companies you deal with and responding to disputes the right way, you can reduce your exposure to lawsuits and potential liability if sued. I can help you manage your risk in a cost effective manner.

Insurance - Having the proper levels and types of insurance is essential in protecting your assets. When things go wrong, often times we can look towards various forms of insurance to step up and not only pay any claims, but also pay your legal fees when litigation occurs. Whether its insurance related to your personal or company life, I can work with you and your insurance agent in evaluating the types and levels of insurance needed.

Entity Level Protection - Through the formation of legal entities, such as, corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), limited partnerships (LP), trusts and even transmutation of assets from community property to separate property, individuals can isolate and protect their assets from creditors. The good news is there are many effective, legal and IRS sanctioned mechanisms to accomplish legitimate asset protection. The bad news is there are just as many illegal and bogus strategies to be found in the Internet.

Asset Protection Trilogy

Our Services

Whether its simply putting into place protection to minimize liability and avoid risk, or placing your assets into entities and trusts designed to shield your assets from creditors; we can help you with an asset protection plan that is cost effective and works within your budget.

  • Contracts (promissory notes, security agreements, etc.).
  • Insurance Evaluation.
  • Entity Formations (LLC, corporations, limited partnerships, etc.).
  • Estate Planning and Trusts.
  • Asset Protection Trusts.
  • Transmutations of Community Property


Please feel free to contact Michael Newcomb by telephone or email him at the number below for more information and to learn about how we can help you protect your assets.

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What Our Client's Say

"For over 10 years, Michael has been my company and personal lawyer, helping us with everything from trademarks to disputes. His knowledge, skill and commitment to helping me grow my business has been invaluable."

Marshall Stuart
Stuart Cellars Winery


"Michael's pragmatic approach to working with our company has made navigating through our legal issues both efficient and cost effective."

Richard Brewster, President
Zuroma Restaurant Group, Inc.


"Michael has assisted us with a dispute with a competitor, shareholder meetings, corporate securities, and trademark and intellectual property issues. Sensitive to our goals, Michael is always easygoing and able to synthesize complex legal issues in a way that can be easily understood by those without a legal education."

Dorian Linkogle, President
Briar Rose Winery, Inc

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